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it's a lovely day ;

pastelpiggy @ lj

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un ♦ deux ♣ trois ♥ quatre ♠ cinq
It's Winyen. I live in Ontario, Canada. I like cute [Japanese] stuff. Those Japanese.. geniuses. When I grow up (nooooo, don't make me! You can't make me!), I'd like to work at a magazine, in the art department! My parents would not approve. In reality, I'm quite possessive, and competitive. I also use sarcasm a lot. But on the internet, I'm a shy little girl who's trying to prove others that she can be mature too!! I enjoy arts and crafts.
I love organization but I'm lazy. Is that idiomic? Is that a word? I think desserts are cute, and I love to bake, although I'm limited to muffins. Soft chocolate chip cookies are the best. I live a very "asian" lifestyle and I hate it. I don't actually have a lot of friends (read: she's a loner.) I never get to buy things on the Internet, but I love doing commissions to buy things. Which I regret, because my fads change like the weather here. I love new socks and new magazines (Martha Stewarts's crafts are just so pretty..)!
My favourite show is Heroes, I love Hayden Panettiere!
I also love love love Charlie Brown TV specials and movies.
I only listen to Jack's Mannequin, although my playlist includes Something Corporate, Tegan & Sara, and MGMT.
I like browsing stock icon communities, always on the hunt for macaron icons.. I like browsing Deviant Art too, artists amaze me.
I like browsing blogs too, and looking at cute... stuff? Aranzi Aronzo, Meomi, Smile Recipe, and.. more, I'll kill for skills like those.
This is the last box, what am I supposed to put here? Add me if we vaguely know each other. Comment somewhere, I guess. Does it scare you how easily I can break off?